Connect for Good

Connect for Good

A Place to Stand is not about a certain program, a special place, or any one person’s mission.  Rather it’s about helping end homelessness and hunger anywhere, anyhow, any way we can.  To that end, we offer opportunities that help people help each other.  We do not warehouse donations, rather we connect people who have something to give, from a pair of shoes to a spare room, with people who need them.

Interested in helping? Call us and we will directly connect you.  We take no administrative percentage or fee for this service.

How Can You Help?
Mother of four (VA):  family is food and shelter insecure

needs a laptop in order to search for a job and/or potentially work from home
needs furniture CONNECTION MADE! -THANK YOU!
needs a refrigerator/freezer

Formerly Homeless Couple:

needs $1200 for the security deposit on an apartment – CONNECTION MADE!- THANK YOU!

Formerly Homeless Family of four:

 needs furniture- couch, chairs, table, beds – CONNECTION MADE! – THANK YOU!                                            needs plates; flatware



updated 9/13/17

Connect for Good

We'll contact you if you have something to donate. Or, give us a way to keep in touch with you and we'll send our Connect for Good list when new needs arise. Thanks for caring!

Contact A Place to Stand and connect for good: or 571.295.8673