About A Place to Stand


A holistic, sustainable approach to eradicating homelessness and hunger.


A Place to Stand (APTS) provides supportive housing for homeless families.  Services include food, health care, education, job training and child care. From building maintenance to food service, residents assist with the day to day operations of the facility. APTS offers its services to non-residents, expanding its impact to the surrounding community.


Homelessness and hunger are perhaps the two oldest problems that have faced humanity.  APTS  founders Gordon and Richelle Brown have learned from the works of those who came before them, such as Hull House in Chicago and the community schools movement. Since embarking on this endeavor a few years ago, numerous individuals and organizations from North Carolina to New York have shared their knowledge and experience to teach the founders about persistent problems and potential solutions. After two decades of working with homeless and hungry people in a variety of capacities including teachers, counselors and program coordinators, it became clear to the Browns that homeless and hungry people are students, neighbors and friends. Moreover, proven solutions exist.

With help from friends and colleagues at George Mason University, the concept for A Place to Stand was developed and selected for the 2012 Hult Prize, the world’s largest student competition for social good.  In October 2014 APTS was incorporated and received its tax exempt status in spring 2015. Thanks to many friends and supporters, A Place to Stand is poised to pilot a sustainable model for addressing family homelessness.



A Place to Stand, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.